Woods and Steel

Saffadesign brings you ease of design, manufacture, assembly and when it comes to your projects in wood and steel.

Everyones needs differ when it comes to their project.

Ranging from working on site with your team, a full turn key solution, design to fully installed and ready to use, through to packed and delivered products either assembled or components to be assembled on site.

We specialise in high precision design.
Laser and plasma cutting in steel for the manufacture of machinery.
Welding, painting and powder coating.
Laser etching and cnc cutting in timber for wood products.
Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture in melamine, ply and hardwoods.

If you require a fully complete solution, furniture is built and painted and delivered complete or built on site depending on your project circumstances.

Engineering design and manufacture, we focus on a fast and precise service.
A thorough consultation process is key to determine a clear design specification.
Based on this, designs can be conceived and finalised on our clients needs.
In the case of prototyping, this is an ongoing process until a final product is achieved otherwise an agreed item is design, manufactured and delivered.

In your home, our ethos is to bring a holistic approach to design.
To not just provide you with a simple piece of furniture but a carefully thought out solution tailored to your needs and desires. A personal space, that reflects you and your family. Working and flowing, tying your home together creating beautiful, functional space that fulfils your needs, creates a sense of comfort, a space for you and your whole family, your home.

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