Twilight Lighting

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Proudly handmade in South Africa Twilight Lighting products brings you a range of beautiful lighting solutions that transform any room.

Each lighting surround is carefully and meticulously hand-sculpted a totally unique item, with options of candle,  fairy lighting or a standard bulb of your choice.

Twilight’s lighting solutions transform your space into a calm tranquil and magical forest.

  • Flickering candles induce the feeling of being surrounded by an enchanted nighttime forest with gently swaying branches.
  • Fairy lights cast a shadow alike to firelight gently falling on surrounding foliage.
  • Light bulbs create a beautiful and warm, ornate striped pattern effect making any room warm, inviting and cosy.

Ideal for:

  • Gentle background room lighting.
  • Romantic soft lighting.
  • Children’s night lights.
  • Windproof candle holders for outdoor dinner parties.
  • Storm backup lighting (For when the lights go out)
  • Christmas lighting
  • Safety candle lighting (our surrounds prevent injury by safely enclosing the flame)

Our products range from small tabletop lighting, hanging lamp shades and chandeliers, through to tall freestanding corner units.

Order from one of our product range or contact us today to discuss commissions on larger projects like lodges, hotels and restaurants.

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Twilight Lighting products are available for national and international customers via our ETSY Store (currently under construction) or contact us directly to place an order.

For those in the vicinity of Nelspruit South Africa, feel free to give us a call to arrange your order

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