Saffa Garden Design

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With Saffa Garden Design, Saffa Design teams up with Davley Organics to offer our residential and garden customers a complete DIY garden solution, we take care of the design and ordering, so you can get started with your project..

Our aim is to, through our personal design service, assist our customers to envisage and realise their perfect garden design and with Davley Organics skills in soil rehabilitation, prepare your soil for planting.

Many South Africans love their gardens and get in services to regularly maintain it, but without a little fresh energy and inspiration, gardens often slowly start to look tired.

Nelspruit and its surrounds often suffer from a very sandy soil and without the right treatment, gardens can quickly degenerate and plants can struggle.

We meet with our clients to see the current layout and condition of the soil and take a concise client brief. We want to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your garden and with this information we can put together a complete garden design solution.

With a site visit and inspection of the soil we can advise the appropriate applications the likes of topsoil, compost and soil conditioners, to breathe life into your soil in preparation for planting.

Based on our meetings, discussing our clients’ needs, preferences and budget, we supply a detailed garden and irrigation design.

Saffa Design offers you the complete garden transformation toolbox.

The garden and irrigation design, the soil remediating components and all the parts required for constructing your irrigation setup.

So are we designers or landscapers?

Saffa Garden Design offers a unique solution, nestled comfortably between buying a unique garden design  though to a full landscaping and planting service.

Saffa Garden Design aims to assist the DIY’er, who wants to get his or her hands dirty realising their garden project.

We supply the creative and design expertise, source the appropriate suppliers for soil conditioning and irrigation and order all that is required so that you can get started with all the components you need to create the garden of your dreams.

Saffa Garden Design focuses on the preparation so that you the DIYer can start your planting.

So what do we do.

Site visit: Yes
Consultation for design brief Yes
Complete garden landscape design Yes
Complete irrigation design Yes
Complete garden lighting design Yes
Advise on soil rehabilitation procedure and products Yes
Sales of soil remediation products Yes
Sales of irrigation equipment Yes
Instillation of irrigation Yes – extra fee
Sales of lighting equipment Yes
Instillation of garden lighting No – we can put you in touch with an electrician
Delivery to site Yes
Landscaping No
Application of topsoil, compost, vermicast No
Site management Yes – extra fee
Detailed horticultural service No– we put you in touch with a reputable outlet
Sales of plants No – we put you in touch with a reputable outlet
Planting service No
Advise on composting and recycling Yes
Bespoke garden furniture design Yes
Bespoke garden furniture sales Yes
Advise on retail garden furniture Yes
Retail garden furniture sales Yes – select items