Getting Started.

how to sketch boarder

Need a designer, the process is very simple.
If you need some work done in 2 or 3D cad, furniture, architecture or engineering design.

  • Put together a detailed brief with accompanying sketches.
  • Photograph or scan.
  • Email.
  • Relax, have a cup of coffee.
  • On completion your requested work will be emailed to you.
  • Print / plot.
  • Present.

SaffaDesign is happy to provide an initial consultation free of charge, work is billed on an hourly rate thereafter unless a fixed fee is negotiated.

As we build a relationship with our clients and the type of work we process for them, it becomes easier and easier to accurately quote on what is briefed.

SaffaDesign’s primary focus is on the precision of your drawings. We do our best to quote as accurately as possible using the information that is available to us.

The beauty of this structure is that your company does not have the weight of a full time resource that may end up being under utilized.

Work can be processed as work is required, with no drain on company cash flow during those quiet months.

Established clients benefit from monthly billing with new clients being billed on completion of their first projects.

A deposit may be asked for in some instances dependent on the factors involved. Terms will however be discussed in full prior to commencement of any works.

For international customers, a number of payment options are available, please contact us to discuss.

For more information about how SaffaDesign can assist you and your business today, please feel free to get in touch.